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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Sep 28, 2018

Greg Williamson, director with Concentrate, a Platinum HubSpot partner, is all about focus. He identifies his company’s mission as, “to help companies focus,” because “that’s the secret to good marketing.” In a country where sheep outnumber people 7 to 1, technology has become the third largest industry—and that technology is Concentrate’s chosen niche. Converge works primarily with companies exporting technology to Europe and the US. Greg feels the key to success is to “choose a small, achievable market that provides some profitability, and dominate that as quickly as you can.”


But what about growth? For a while, Concentrate dabbled in some other industries, including a winery and some funeral homes. Today, Concentrate grows by working with technology companies in other parts of New Zealand and, more recently, Australia. Concentrate knows immediately the top three marketing issues of its technology clients.


Greg presented “The Courage to Focus” at HubSpot’s Inbound 2018. He related how his company—based in a small city in a small country in a small economy—has grown to be in the top 10% of HubSpot’s partners. He recommended that agencies that want to grow faster at lower risk and lower cost focus on a discrete group of customers, leveraging the knowledge of what the chosen customer group needs. Refer clients that “don’t fit” to people you know who work in other agencies.


He sees the future of marketing as moving from the traditional process of “getting people into the funnel, converting them, and selling them,” to a focus that includes servicing a customer’s needs to ensure customer success.


Greg can be reached on his Concentrate’s website at: or on LinkedIn at gewilliamson/?originalSubdomain=nz.