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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Mar 21, 2018

Brandon Pindulic, founder of OpGen Media, a full-funnel, performance-based demand generation agency, addresses how to boost sales through deep funnel sales-process management strategies, including process design, prospect-to-closing lead nurturing activities, and full sales-cycle marketing campaign implementation.

For our listeners, OpGen Media is generously offering 2 wonderful and useful free resources:

  • Their eBook, "How to Run a Successful B2B Content Syndication Campaign"
  • For any B2B company that is looking to increase their lead flow, improve their marketing operations setup (any of major MA platforms), or wants to figure out why their paid leads are not converting, email any one of the 3 subject lines below:
    • Review my lead flow
    • Review my marketing ops
    • Why are my paid lead sources not converting?
    Within 48 hours, an OpGen Media team member will get back to you, review your lead flow, marketing ops setup or your paid lead sources and nurturing process to provide 1-3 tactical recommendations on how to improve the above. In addition, Brandon is willing to commit to a 20 minute follow up phone call with anyone who is interested with his team to ensure you're able to execute on his team's recommendations.