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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

Tommy Swanson, is CEO of Stripes Agency, a Dallas, Texas based, performance-marketing-focused social advertising agency. In this interview, Tommy talks about intriguing changes in digital marketing, including the increased use of FaceBook as a marketing platform, other trending platforms and platform tools that will impact the industry, brand lift studies, and how behavioral data supersedes demographic profiling for effective customer targeting. A couple highlights:


  1. Keys to marketing success on Facebook:
  • Understand that behavior is a better predictor of action than demographics
  • Instead of trying to hyper-target the “ideal” customer, trust the platform to find the customer
  • Decrease reliance on revenue-sharing (questionably reliable) “third party” data providers


  1. Brand lift studies, which came out in the most recent presidential election, will become increasingly important in the future as a way for marketers to measure impact. These studies:
  • Attempt to measure your campaign’s perception, intent, favorability, and choice impacts rather than counting dollars or leads
  • Facilitate tailoring future creative efforts to target audiences.


Tommy can be reached on his website at: or by email at: