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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Jun 14, 2018

Jake Finkelstein, CEO of Method Savvy (Durham, NC), a full-service, data-driven, omnichannel marketing agency working primarily with mid-market enterprise brands, spoke at Atlanta’s 2018 Digital Summit (where this interview took place) on how user experience design principles and human experience design impact SEO performance.


In this interview, Jake talks about his company’s 5-phase core-value-based methodology that ensures strategic focus and tactical efficiency. Method Savvy is not about “doing a particular thing” to ensure client greatness. Instead, the company strives to solve particular problems (e.g., demand creation or customer life cycle management) through the implementation of iterative, scalable processes across a broad range of (increasingly integrated) channels.


Jake provides an example of integrated technology where a customer’s response to one channel (e-mail) triggered an automated activity in another channel (direct mail). He sees a great future in what he refers to as augmented intelligence, where, as happened with the Industrial Revolution, repetitive brain-numbing jobs are done by automated systems, in this case, making it easier for marketers to do the right kind of great (creative and innovative) work. Jake emphasizes the importance of:

  • marketing and advertising transparency and accountability,
  • aligning marketing activities with what truly creates business value, and
  • setting up systems that build predictable and scalable revenue growth.


Jake is available through his company’s website at:, or through email at: