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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Kim Orlesky is Founder and President of KO Advantage Group, one of the fastest-growing sales training organizations, and author of Sell More Faster. KO Advantage Group works with small companies selling high value, premium-priced B2B services and helps them expedite the sales process by focusing on building relationships, getting that first handshake with a potential client faster, connecting with the client in an authentic way, communicating value, and sometimes selling a product idea before the product has even been created. Clients of KO Advantage are passionate about helping their clients.

KO Advantage group has one product: a ten-week online sales training course, which has its own “continuous improvement process.” Alumni of the course can login to review course information at any time and read the updated material Kim has “curated.”

Kim spoke on “AI & Sales: What Will and Never Can Be Replaced by Bots” at HubSpot’s Inbound 2019,” where she discussed how sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs can use AI to improve conversations with potential clients. Artificial Intelligence is already part of the sales process, but companies need to be aware of how critical “the personal touch” is to long term success. AI may help find potential clients faster, but she notes that, in the end, “Sales is about conversations and relationships.

Kim can be reached by email at: or on LinkedIn, which has named her one of the Top Sales Leaders to Follow