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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Sep 22, 2018

Remington Begg, Chief Remarkable Officer of Impulse Creative, runs his company according to a “compass” with four business tenets: a strong sales message, a strong marketing message, a great foundation, and design and development. Because the South Florida real estate market is “hot,” half of his team is remote—he wants to hire the best, not just what is available locally. He feels he has T-shaped employees—specialized, focused experts who can also understand and communicate with their team members who have different talents. Key to keeping the organization bound together is a body of core values: Reliability; personal, professional, and organizational growth; perseverance, a “North Star” focus, and open communication and collaboration


Impulse Creative focuses on design, development, marketing and sales, predominantly on the HubSpot platform. HubSpot provides inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Unlike traditional “Go out and get ’em ,marketing,” inbound marketing uses digital content customized to address the needs and problems of a company’s ideal customers to attract qualified prospects, build trust, and gain credibility. Remington explains it as a “methodology that is just a smart way of interacting with people and the way they buy.” Impulse also partners with the Drift conversational marketing platform.


In this interview at HubSpot’s Inbound 2018 conference, Remington discusses HubSpot’s newly introduced customer-focused marketing methodology, the “flywheel,” which is based on synergistic service, sales, and marketing. Remington feels that brand, although implicit, is a critical fourth component.


As a presenter at HubSpot’s conference, Remington spoke on, “Conversational Marketing: How to Think About It and How to Package It.” He discussed the core principles of conversational marketing: 1) conversational strategy, 2) personalized experience, 3) real-time response, and 4) a feedback loop. He emphasized that, whether using chatbot or live chat, the conversation has to feel like an individualized person-to-person communication. Reviewing recordings/transcriptions of these interactions provides a company with a rich opportunity: to discover the questions customers are asking, and then to address those questions on its website, in a video, or in content.


Remington can be reached @remingtonbegg on most social platforms, which is the best way to reach him. Agencies or HubSpot lovers can go to for unbranded HubSpot tutorials. His agency’s website is