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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Jul 12, 2018

Carrie Simpson, founder at Managed Sales Pros, Everywhere Managed, and THC Results (Las Vegas, Nevada and Winnipeg, Manitoba) put herself into the cold-calling business two decades ago as a stay-at-home mom—by cold-calling companies to sell her services as a cold-caller, winning contracts with major companies, hiring and training other stay-at-home moms to cold call part time, and developing a scalable strategic process for outbound B2B IT sales calls and appointment setting.


Churn is a given in cold-calling. Critical to Carrie’s success is not that she figured out how to eliminate cold-caller turnover, but because she figured out how to minimize the effect of churn. In this interview, she emphasizes several strategic decisions her company made to build traction, optimize cold call effectiveness, and generate demand:

  • Avoiding diversification and maintaining an exclusive marketing strategy: cold-calling for a single product type: managed services
  • Laser-targeting and qualifying her clients’ potential customers
  • Knowing her customers’ products, their clients triggers
  • Utilizing “pay for performance” in order to maintain control of database data that can be leveraged for vertical market development
  • Tracking trends and marketplace changes that create risks and opportunities


Carrie can be reached on her company’s website at or by email at: Mention Carrie’s name, and your message will be routed to her.