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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

May 15, 2018

What are the right tools, the right strategies and tactics, and the right content for a successful marketing and sales pipeline? These questions led Scott Armstrong, Partner, to start his agency, Brainrider, in 2010. Brainrider is based in Toronto and San Francisco. In this interview, Scott discusses his agency’s demand generation, prospect and customer nurturing, and lead management strategies for companies involved in “the complex sale,” and highlights the advantages of permission-based marketing.


Most companies he works with already have toolsets in place. Brainrider’s role is to provide effective strategic methodology, planning, execution, and results measurement—developing a hyper-segmented B2B pipeline that empowers his client companies to optimize the results of their marketing efforts. The base stack for today’s B2B marketer includes: a robust sales CRM, marketing automation (with pipeline awareness and engagement tracking), and a marketing-updatable website. Tool selection should be aligned with use objectives with the “Why?”

Scott can be reached at the company website: or through email at: